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Gold Crew Products are are packaged as liquid concentrates.
Gold Crew Chemistries, for use on:

Petrol, Oils and Lubricants    (POL)

Fats, Oils and Greases          (FOG) and

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Environmental Chemical Solution's proudly introduces today's Gold Crew line of products for today's working environment.  With over 40 years of exceeding industry expectations, Gold Crew's line of extremely effective products are meeting today's industrial needs while mitigating tomorrow's environmental concerns.

The Gold Crew technology brings together the environmental needs of regulatory compliance with the industry's expectations for effectiveness. Gold Crew's products are cost competitive, internationally supported and remain the premier name in value.


Gold Crew's Accelerate is a micro-solubilizing agent that increases the inter-facial surface of the hydrocarbon contaminant to the naturally occurring bacteria thus yielding quicker results in bioremediation projects. This action also supports the nutrient amendment's achievement of increasing the bacterial growth. These two actions manifest into a rapid mineralization of the target contaminant.  The Accelerate formulation attains a solubilization as biosurfactants do, allowing the naturally occurring bacteria to metabolize a hydrocarbon molecule. Effective in land-farming, secondary spill cleanup, or subsurface biodegradation enhancement

This product comes in concentrate.


Gold Crew's Release Desorption Agent is for insitu soil washing applications. Release allows for an enhanced mass removal of entrained hydrocarbon in smear zones while promoting biodegradation of residuals.

The surface tension reduction allows for the entrained hydrocarbon to be moved through the smear zones and removed in a high vacuum extraction (HVE) action. Hydrocarbon entrained in the smear and capillary zones are allowed to move in the water phase where conventional treatment technologies (HVE, BioSlurping, etc.) can effectively remove the target compound. Release can dramatically increase the efficiency in pump and treat projects. 

This product comes in concentrate.

Gold Crew FX
Spill & Fire Guard

is our fire suppression agent. Gold Crew FX (In the 1980's originally called FF) stabilizes the fuels to suppress the vapor release thus starving the fire of fuel. The long term burn-back resistance is excellent. This stabilization process also enhances the biodegradability of the fuels treated. The stabilization process offers additional protection for responders who must walk through the spilled fuel to extricate victims or are in a high potential for fire.

Vapor Lock

This blend of suppressing agents applies with any water applicator (Water truck, agriculture sprayer, pressure washer, hydro blaster, etc.) NOT A FOAM but a long lasting solubilizer. Use for suppressing vapors in tanks and on soils during excavations or turnarounds. Gives long term suppression. Increases worker safety. Increases efficacy in tank degassing applications. Use in pipeline repair, confined space entry, on surface spills, in underground utility vaults and more. Excellent for odor control from organic breakdown.

This product comes in concentrate.

Gold Crew P2


is designed to give you the effectiveness of a solvent, the gentleness of a dish-washing detergent and the bio-enhancing ability of a biosurfactant. The Gold Crew P2 lines of cleaning products are an excellent choice for use with in cleaning field equipment when out in the environment where not only the cleaning agent must be environmentally sensitive but so should the resulting effluent. Use on tanks, bilges, floors, equipment and more. Excellent on stainless steel. Will not effect paint or aluminum. CartClean is specially formulated for cleaning of Golf Carts       Always follow BMP when cleaning in the field.

This product comes in concentrate.

Gold Crew Oil Spill Dispersant  (OSD)

remains the mainstay for use in subtropical and tropical waters. Gold Crew was one of the first Type II water based dispersants listed on the USEPA's NCP Product Schedule but was removed when testing favored solvent based dispersant application from aircraft. Gold Crew OSD remains a dispersant of choice throughout the sub tropical oil producing world. Especially designed to be effective in shallow water applications and is excellent in deep-water environments. Can be applied through fire hose at a very high dilution rate.

This product comes in concentrate.

Gold Crew SW

is an EPA NCP listed surface washing agent used for the cleanup of oils in and around navigable shoreline waterways. Releases oils entrained in vegetation, rocks and cobble. Allows for recovery while minimizing shoreline intrusion. Use on inland waterways and ravines or shoreline application.

This product comes in concentrate.

In USA, spills on navigable waterways require local OSC approval.

Gold Crew SW is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's NCP Product Schedule. This listing does NOT mean that the EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies or authorizes the use of Gold Crew on an oil discharge.  This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, 309.915.